Creative Europe Culture-Sub programme (2014-2020): coordination and information

The main activity of our office is to give information about the Creative Europe Culture-Sub programme of the EU. We use different methods to reach the best possible results. 

We are open for public in at least 8 hours a day. There is possibility to have consultations or we can help via telephone or e-mails. We answer for e-mails in maximum 3 workdays time. 

We often organise infodays, seminars and workshops also. An infoday serves as general information-source about the Creative Europe Programme for every people and a seminar is actually a more technical, step by step guiding for filling in the application documents of the given strands.

Partner Search

Partner searching for projects is often hard. If you have an idea and don't know how to find a partner, you have two opportunities. 

Send us the proposal if you want to have Hungarian partner. We send our weekly e-newsletter to 6700 addresses with a dedicated section for "partner searches". 

Moreover - and if you look for partners for othe countries - there is a possibility to use partner search databases. Some of our fellow offices operate databases where you can regsister your project idea and hopefully can find a partner.

  • Spanish partner search database (
  • Italian partner search database (

    Please note that these databases functioning next to each other so we recommed you to register your project in all of them.

    Local management of the European Union Youth Orchestra

    The European Union Youth Orchestra was founded in 1976 by the late Lionel Bryer and Joy Bryer, with a view to creating an Orchestra which would represent the European ideal of a community working together to achieve peace and social understanding. At the same time it was also designed to provide an invaluable professional development experience for young orchestral musicians. 

    Since its inception it has received the support of the European Parliament and the European Commission with major financial support and political backing. The EUYO's Honorary President is the President of the European Parliament and its Honorary Patrons are the Heads of State and Prime Ministers of each of the EU member states, headed by the President of the European Commission. 

    The Orchestra consists of 125-150 young musicians (age 14-24) from all the EU-countries. In every year there are auditions so even the formerly selected members have to compete again for the next season. 

    Since 2003 our office organises the Hungarian auditions of the Orchestra. Hungary is really successful in the auditions, in the last 11 years 41 young musicians won place in the Orchestra. 

    Further information: